Operating instructions – Interquartz BASIC PHONE 98380 User Manual

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4. Operating Instructions

To dial a number, lift the handset, wait for the tone and then key in the
number required.

Redial / Pause Function

Depending on its use, this button either acts as a redial button or as a
pause inserting button


1. Lift handset

2. Press REDIAL / PAUSE button

3. Telephone automatically redials the last number called ( up to 32



The Pause command may be needed if the phone is connected to certain
types of PABX or to any network where a pause is required.

Note: not more than three pauses should be inserted consecutively,

otherwise the telephone may not function properly. ( Any other
usage will invalidate the design of the apparatus ).

1. Lift handset

2. Dial any digits required before the pause

3. Press REDIAL / PAUSE button

4. Press remaining digits