Pabx and system usage, Recall, Pabx access – Interquartz BASIC PHONE 98380 User Manual

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5. PABX and System Usage

This telephone can be used behind a PABX or on a network system that
utilises the recall function. There are many such systems and whilst it is
likely that no problems will be encountered, it cannot be guaranteed that
the telephone will operate correctly under all circumstances and any cases
of difficulty should be referred to your supplier.


Before you attempt to change the recall switch ( see Figure 4 and 5 ),
you should disconnect the phone from the network.

You will need a screwdriver, or similar tool to remove the cover plate over
the switch. With a fine pointed instrument you can then adjust the switch
to the setting required. This telephone can be set for earth recall or timed
break recall. If you are unsure of which setting is applicable, please consult
your PABX manager or supplier.

Replace the cover, plug the phone back into the socket and it is ready for

PABX access

Where a PABX access digit is required to obtain a direct outside line, it
may be necessary to insert a pause after dialling the access digit ( see
Redial / Pause section of this manual ).

Figure 5 Recall Switch



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