Safety information – i. Tech Dynamic Clip V User Manual

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Built-in Battery

Do not attempt to replace the headset’s battery yourself as it is built into the headset and is not changeable.

Charge the battery in accordance with the instruction supplied with this user guide.

Only use the manufacturer supplied charger when charging the headset.


Only use the manufacturer supplied charger when charging the headset.

Do not disassemble the charger as it may expose you to dangerous voltages or other risks. Incorrect

reassembly can cause electric shock when the headset is subsequently used.

Do not use the charger outdoors or in damp areas.

Only charge the headset’s built-in battery in accordance with the instructuins in this user guide.

Avoid charging the headset in extremely high or low temperatures.

Safety Information

Check local laws regarding use of a mobile handset and headset whilst driving. If you use the headset while

driving, ensure your attention and focus remain on the road and you drive in a responsible and safe manner.

Never allow children to play with the headset – small parts may be a choking hazard.

Observe all signs that require an electrical device or RF radio product to be switched off in designated areas.

These could include hospitals, blasting areas, and potentially explosive environments.

Turn off your headset prior to boarding an aircraft. Do not use your headset in an aircraft.

Never mount or store your headset over any air bag deployment area as serious injury may result when an air

bag deploys.

Do not open or mutilate the built-in battery.

Dispose of batteries according to local regulations. Do not dispose as household waste.

Dispose of the packaging and this product in accordance with the latest provisions.