Using your headset – i. Tech Dynamic Clip V User Manual

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Using Your Headset

Ending a Call

Press the MFB to end your call or end the call via your mobile handset in the normal way.

Dialing from Your Mobile Handset

Simply make calls on your mobile handset in the normal way.

Muting the Built-in Buzzer

Press and hold the volume key for two seconds until status indicator flashes RED once to mute the Buzzer and press

and hold the volume key for 3 seconds to deactiveate the muting function while your mobile phone remains in

standby mode.
IMPORTANT: If you do not wish to be disturbed at all, you may consider resetting the mobile phone setting to

restrict incoming calls. Please refer to your mobile phone user guide for set up details.

7. Press “Return” to go back to your mobile handset’s main menu. For certain mobile handset models, a headset

icon will be shown on the screen. You should now be able to make and receive calls using your headset.

IMPORTANT If the pairing cannot be completed within 2 minutes while the pairing mode is activated, the headset

status indicator flashes purple followed by 3 beeps and the headset is turned off. Please repeat the above pairing


Answering a Call

When there is an incoming call, you will hear ringing through the earphone and the built-in buzzer. Press the MFB

to accept the call or answer the call via your mobile handset in the normal way.
IMPORTANT ou can stop the buzzer alert by pressing the volume key once. The buzzer will ring again when there is

another incoming call.