Pairing your headset – i. Tech Dynamic Clip V User Manual

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Pairing Your Headset

1. Place the headset and the mobile handset no more then 1 meter apart and ensure there is nothing in between.

2. Ensure the headset is OFF.

3. Press and hold the MFB approximately 8 seconds until the headset status indicator alternately flashes blue and


4. Activate your mobile handset’s Bluetooth function by referring to your mobile handset user guide for details.

5. Set the mobile handset to search for Bluetooth devices within 1 meter range as instructed in the mobile handset

user guide and select “i.Tech Clip V” from the list.

6. Enter the preprogrammed passkey “0000” and press “OK” to pair your headset and mobile handset. When the

pairing is complete, the headset status indicator will flash blue rapidly 5 times followed by a long beep.

Pairing Your Headset

Up to 1 metre

The headset only works with Bluetooth-enabled

mobile phones. Prior to using and pairing your

headset for the first time, please check if your

mobile phone is Bluetooth-enabled.

The pairing instructions for a typical Bluetooth-

enabled mobile phone are explained on the next

page. The headset pairing procedure may vary

depending on the model of your mobile phone.

Please contact the manufacturer of your mobile

phone or its agent for further information.