Charging your headset – i. Tech Dynamic Clip V User Manual

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Charger Plug

Charging Your Headset

The Headset comes with a built-in
rechargeable battery. Prior to using the
headset, it is recommendable to charge the
battery fully for the first time.

Charging Your Headset

Connect the charger to an AC wall outlet (mains socket) and the charger plug to the headset’s charging socket

(fig.1). The LED will be red while charging.

IMPORTANT Charging indication will be delayed for a few seconds if the headset has not been used for a long

time or the battery is drained.

Charging Time

Charging the battery fully is normally within 3 hours. When the battery is fully charged, the LED will turn blue and

remain on. Disconnect the charger from AC wall outlet (mains socket) and the headset. Press and hold the MFB

(fig.1) for 2 seconds to turn the headset on, please refer to “Turning Your Headset On and Off” .

Talk & Standby Time

The fully charged battery offers up to 6 hours talk time and up to 120 hours standby time. When no calls are in

progress, the headset remains turned on in standby mode.