Troubleshooting guide – Iluv i1055 User Manual

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It doesn’t display the iPod videos on the 7” LCD screen.

Turn on the DVD player. You can find the power switch on top of the DVD player, named
as “POWER”. Set the “POWER” switch to the “ON” position.

Check whether the “LINE SELECT” switch is set to the “iPod” position. In order to display
your iPod videos on the 7” LCD screen, it must be set to “iPod”.

Check the TV settings of your iPod. The “TV out” option of your iPod must be set to “On”.
You can refer to the section “Watching Your iPod Videos on the 7” LCD Screen” in this
manual for the related instructions, or you can also refer to the user manual of your iPod.

Your iPod is not in the play mode. Play the video on your iPod.

It doesn’t charge the iPod.

Check whether the AC adapter is connected. In order to charge your iPod, the AC adapter
must be connected to the DVD player.

Check whether your iPod is properly installed into the dock.

The remote control and control buttons on the main unit doesn’t work on iPod.

It is normal. This unit doesn’t have a control on your iPod due to the limited navigation
system of iPod with video (30GB, 60GB).

No power on the unit

Insert the AC power plug securely into the power outlet.

It fails to start playing even when the PLAY

(X) button is pressed. It will start playing but

then stop immediately.

Condensation has been formed. Wait about 1 to 2 hours to allow the player to dry out.

This player cannot play a disc other than DVD, Video CD and CD.

The disc may be dirty and may require cleaning.

Ensure that the disc is installed with the label side up.

No picture on the LCD screen

Ensure that the LINE SELECT switch is properly set.

Ensure that the external video device or iPod is properly connected.

No sound or distorted sound

Ensure that the LINE SELECT switch is properly set.

Ensure that the external device or iPod is properly connected.

Ensure that the input settings for the external audio device or iPod are properly set.

Picture is distorted during the rapid advance or rapid reverse.

The picture will be somewhat distorted at times. This is normal.