Troubleshooting guide – Iluv i1055 User Manual

Page 33

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No rapid advance (or rapid reverse) playback

Some discs may have sections which prohibit the rapid advance (or rapid reverse.)

No 4:3 (16:9) picture display

Choose the correct “TV SCREEN” option in the video setup page.

No operations can be performed with the remote control unit.

Check the batteries are installed with the correct polarities (+ and –).

The batteries may be exhausted. Replace them with new ones.

Point the remote control unit at the remote control sensor and attempt operation.

Operate the remote control at a distance of not more than 6m from the remote control

Remove the obstacles between the remote control unit and remote control sensor.

No key operation (with the main unit and/or the remote control unit) is effective.
• Press



button to set the player to the standby mode and then switch back on.

• Press



button to set the player to the standby mode, disconnect the power

plug, and then reconnect it.

No menu play

This function works only for Video CDs with playback control.

Audio and/or subtitle language are not shown on the disc or not in the setup menu.

If the audio and/or subtitle language does not exist on the language selected in the setup
menu, it will not be seen or heard.

No subtitles

Subtitles appear only with discs which contain them.

Subtitles are cleared from the TV monitor. Perform the steps in the subtitle setup
instruction to display the subtitles.

Alternative audio (or subtitle) language fails to be selected.

An alternative language is not selected with discs which do not contain more than one

The movie angle cannot be changed.

This function is contingent on software availability. Even if a disc has a number of angles
recorded, these angles may be recorded for specific scenes only.

When an AC adapter is plugged in for a while, the FULL and CHARGE indicators blink.

Then, the CHARGE indicator will light up RED, but the rechargeable battery is released.

It is a system test for the recharge circuit, which is not a malfunction.