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User Manual



The iSymphony SP5BT is a unique Bluetooth hands-free device, combining

the on-the-go versatility of a featherweight Bluetooth headset with the

convenience of a speakerphone for car or desk hands-free operation. Please

take the time to read this user manual and familiarize yourself with all the

functions and features of SP5BT. iSymphony has taken great care to make

sure that this unit was in perfect working order when it left the factory. If you

experience any problem with set-up or operation, please refer to the back of

this manual for instructions on obtaining customer service.

The serial number of your system is located on a label on the bottom of the

docking base. Please take a moment now to locate the serial number and to

write it in the space provided below for future reference. You may be asked to
provide this number if you call for customer service.

Serial Number: ______________________________

Please also take a moment to register your product online at

What’s in the box?

Please check that all the following items are included in the box:

Docking Base


Unidirectional Mic

Car Adapter

Two Ear Hooks

USB Cable


Two Ear Rubbers

AC Adapter

Visor Clip