Getting started – iSymphony SP5BT User Manual

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SP5BT can be operated as either Bluetooth speakerphone or as a Bluetooth

headset for private calling. You can dock and un-dock the handset while a call

is active, allowing you to take your conversation from the street to the car in

one simple step.

. To operate SP5BT as a speakerphone:

1) Dock the headset into the docking base.

2) Hold the multifunction button for 3 seconds to power the unit on.

A tone is heard and a blue LED flashes.

3) Connect the microphone into the MIC socket on the right side of the

docking base. Press firmly to seat.

4) Secure the visor clip to the docking base by pressing firmly down and

back to snap into place and clip the unit to your car sun visor.

5) Position the microphone to point toward your mouth. The closer you

speak to the microphone, the clearer your voice will be to the other


6) Adjust the volume on the side of the docking base to your preferred
listening level.

NOTE: If you hear echo in your telephone conversations, the volume level is set too
high. Reduce the volume level using the control on the side of the docking base.