Getting started – iSymphony SP5BT User Manual

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1. Fully charge the battery of the headset and docking
base before initial use:

1) Dock the headset into the docking base.

2) Slide the CHARGE switch on the docking base to the right.

3) Connect the charging cable to the charging port on the docking


4) Connect the other end of the charging cable to the AC adapter, car

adapter or the USB port of your PC. Charging is indicated by a red

LED on the docking base.

5) Allow both the headset and docking base to charge completely;

this may take up to 6.5 hours, depending on the power source

you are using. USB charging is slower than using a car or AC

charger. Charging is complete when the charging LED turns off.

. Pair the headset with a Bluetooth-enabled mobile

1) Ensure the headset is powered off – the headset must be powered

off to enter pairing mode.

2) Ensure the Bluetooth radio on your mobile phone is powered on.

Please refer to the phone user manual for details.

3) Hold the multifunction key on the headset for 5 seconds. A blue

LED flashes rapidly, then changes to flash alternately red and blue.

The headset is ready to pair.

4) Set the mobile phone to search for Bluetooth devices and follow

the instructions on the phone’s screen. Please refer to the phone

user manual for details. You will recognize the iSymphony SP5BT

headset by its Bluetooth name “iSymphony SP5.”

5) Select the iSymphony SP5BT for pairing. When prompted for a

passkey, enter “1234.”

6) Select the newly paired SP5BT for connection. Within a few seconds

connection is complete and a blue LED flashes slowly on the