GE 45235 GE Home Monitoring Wireless Black-and-White Camera System with Monitor User Manual

Page 13

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No camera picture
1. Check all connections. Make sure camera(s) and
receiver are powered ON.

2. Ensure camera(s) and receiver are set to correct

3. Make sure camera is within range of receiver.

4. Adjust the antennas of the monitor and camera(s).

Blank monitor
1. Make sure receiver or monitor is switched ON,
and the correct video input has been selected

2. If using AC adapter, make sure it is plugged in.

3. If using a battery, make sure it is installed
correctly, and is fully charged.

Interference on camera picture
1. Make sure each camera (transmitter) is within
range, and that no large obstructions are blocking
the signal.

2. Try repositioning the camera, monitor (receiver) or
both to improve the reception quality.

3. If a camera is positioned close to the monitor,
point antenna away from the monitor.

4. Reposition other nearby equipment transmitting
on the 900MHz frequency.