GE 45235 GE Home Monitoring Wireless Black-and-White Camera System with Monitor User Manual

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Do not use in wet locations. If using outside,
position camera in a sheltered location.

Do not position the camera so that it points
directly into the sun or any bright light, as this
may cause damage to the camera.

Avoid viewing areas where half the area is in
bright sunlight and the other half is dark, such
as in the shadow of a building. All types of
cameras have diffi culty “seeing” into areas of
such divergent light levels.

In low light conditions, the camera will
automatically activate the Infrared (IR) LED’s and
switch the camera to Night Vision mode. Night
Vision viewing distance is up to 10 feet.

The AC adapter used to power the camera
cannot be positioned farther than 8 ft. from
an AC socket. Do not use the supplied adapter
outside or run the cable through walls. If you
need to extend the adapter cable, 15 ft.
extensions are available by contacting
Customer Service at 800-654-8483.

The Camera has an unobstructed wireless
transmission range up to 200 ft. from the
receiver. Transmission distance indoors is
reduced due to interior walls, wiring, household
fi xtures and metal plumbing.