GE 45235 GE Home Monitoring Wireless Black-and-White Camera System with Monitor User Manual

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to 1/2 position. Next, press the AUTO button on the
front panel of the Monitor. The green LED will light
and the Monitor will automatically select between
the two active cameras. The monitor will display
images from both cameras alternately.

Cycle Time Setting
(Time interval between camera selections)
The default cycle time for the receiver is preset to
4 seconds. To change the cycle time, press both of
the buttons (Auto/Manual) on front of the receiver
simultaneously. The Monitor will beep. Each beep
is one extra second of cycle time added. The cycle
time can be verifi ed by the number of fl ashes the
LED makes when you release the buttons—one
fl ash equals one second. Cycle time can be set
between 2-30 seconds.

The 45233 Wireless Color Camera features Night
Vision technology. Objects and images can be seen
in little or no light up to 10 ft. The camera uses a
special image sensor that automatically detects
available light levels. It turns on/off the Infra-Red
(IR) LEDS on the front of the camera. These LEDs
provide artifi cial light that allows the camera to
‘see’ in the dark. Night Vision will appear as a Black
and White image.
When the image sensor detects