GE 45235 GE Home Monitoring Wireless Black-and-White Camera System with Monitor User Manual

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Before beginning installation, we recommend that
you temporarily “connect” the 45235 B/W Wireless
Camera to the 5.5” Monitor to help familiarize
yourself with the camera system and select the
best location for installing the camera. The camera
connects wirelessly and automatically to the monitor
when both are powered on and within 200 ft. of
each other (unobstructed view). This system will
accommodate up to 2 cameras.

1. Plug the AC adapter into the power jack on the
back of the monitor, then into an AC outlet.

2. Turn on the monitor by pressing the power
button on the front of the unit. Adjust the sound
level at the front of the monitor to midpoint with
the volume control knob.

3. Select the appropriate “channel” (1 or 2) on the
monitor that corresponds to the channel switch

Shown with optional
rechargeable battery
(Sold separately)