JobSite Systems LSO-7 User Manual

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Figure 5

Removing the grille using a paper clip


If the grille is already installed, remove it by using a bent paper clip or the tip of a
corkscrew and pulling it away from the frame. See figure 5

4. Drill pilot holes into the mounting


5. If the mounting holes line up with a

stud, use galvanized screws to
secure the bracket to the wall.

6. If the mounting holes do not line up

with a stud, secure the bracket to the
wall using anchors designed to
support the weight of the speaker.

7. Strip 1/4" of insulation from the end of

each wire.

8. Tightly twist the end of each wire

until no frayed ends remain.

9. Attach the speaker wires to the

speaker terminal connectors.
Connect the negative output from the
amplifier to the black terminal.
Connect the positive output from the
amplifier to the red terminal.

10. Remove the bracket knobs from the


11. Slide the speaker into the mounting


12. Insert the knob through the bracket

and into the threaded insert in the

13. Secure the speaker in place by

tightening the bracket knobs.

14. Repeat this procedure for the

next speaker.

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