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1. Separate the parts of the speaker by

removing the brackets and the
bracket knobs. Remove the grille by
hooking it with a bent paper clip or
the tip of a corkscrew and pulling it
away from the cabinet.

2. Mask off the binding posts and the

brass threaded inserts on the back
panel with masking tape.

3. Mask off the threaded inserts on the

top and bottom with masking tape.

4. Protect the front of the speakers by

inserting the supplied paint masks in
place of the grille on each speaker.

5. Apply two thin coats of a primer to

the cabinet and knobs. We
recommend Krylon Sandable Spray
Primer. The bracket doesn't require a
coat of primer.

6. Allow the primer to completely dry.

7. Apply the finish color.

8. Allow the paint to completely dry.

9. Carefully remove the masking



The grilles should be painted before
they are installed on the speakers. The
best results will be obtained by using
a spray gun or airless sprayer. Thin the
paint, and then apply several light coats.
This technique helps prevent clogging
of grille holes. Paint both sides of the
grille to cover all the white paint.


Listening at Higher

It requires more power to achieve a
reasonable volume of sound in a large
room than it does in a small room. It is
possible to turn the volume so high that
the amplifier runs out of power. This
creates “clipping” distortion.

Clipping distortion makes treble
sound very harsh and unmusical. When
you hear harsh sounding treble from
any good speaker, turn the volume
down immediately! You are much less
likely to damage a speaker with a large
amplifier because it will be less likely to
produce any clipping distortion.

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