GE 98650 GE VoIP Webcam and Headset Kit User Manual

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Trouble Shooting

1. Camera will not turn on

• Make sure the camera is plugged into the USB port correctly

• Make sure your USB port is functioning properly. You may need to install updates,

service packs, or patches for your operating system from Microsoft’s® website, Go to “Windows Update” under Resources.

2. Uninstall the Web Camera driver

• Close all open applications.

• Go to the Start Menu → (Settings in some operating systems) → Control Panel → Add/

Remove Programs.

• Select “PC Camera.”

• Select “Remove”, then “OK” to uninstall the driver.

• Select “Yes, I want to restart my computer”, then “Finish”.

• Your computer will now reboot.

3. “Can’t detect camera”, “Can’t find VGA driver”, or “Can’t find camera driver” errors

• Close all open applications.

• Unplug the Web Camera from your computer.

• Uninstall the Web Camera software according to the directions above, then

reboot your computer.

• Re-install the Web Camera driver according to the installation directions, then

reboot your computer.

• Plug in your Web Camera.

For additional technical support, contact Jasco Products Company at 1-800-654-

8483 or

**Microsoft and Arcsoft may update their software at any time.