GE 98650 GE VoIP Webcam and Headset Kit User Manual

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Please note that you must install the camera drivers BEFORE you connect the

camera to the USB port of your computer.


You must install all relevant updates, service packs, and patches for your operat-

ing system. These are available on Microsoft’s® website under “Resources”. Use the
“Windows Update” link. (
2. Insert the included 98650 WebCam CD into the CD Rom Drive. (The CD should
auto load).
3. If CD does not auto load, follow these steps:
a. Double click on My Computer
b. Double click on the CD icon on the CD drive
c. Double click on


4. The installation menu will come up. Select


5. Follow the installation wizard instructions.
6. It may be necessary to have your Windows installation disk available to install
any additional windows drivers onto your computer. You will receive a prompt if this
is necessary.
7. (Optional) On the installation menu, select

ArcSoft WebCam Companion 3.0 or

ArcSoft Magic-i. Follow the on screen instructions to install the photo and video edit-
ing software. You may need to reboot your computer.
8. (Optional) Select

User’s Manuals to open a PDF version of the 98650 Instruction

Manual in either English or Spanish. You will need Adobe Reader to open the user’s
9. (Optional) To download Acrobat® Reader® select

Acrobat Reader from the menu

screen and follow the instructions. You may need to reboot your computer.
10. When you have installed the driver, and any optional software you want to install,