GE 98650 GE VoIP Webcam and Headset Kit User Manual

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Read Before Using Your Web Camera

1. You must install the camera driver BEFORE connecting the camera to
your computer.
2. Please read this user’s manual before operating your Web Camera.
3. Do not leave camera connected to the USB port if camera is not going to be used
for a long period of time. This can adversely affect the picture quality.

System Requirements
1. Operating System

• Microsoft® Windows® 2000

• Microsoft® Windows® XP

• Microsoft® Windows® Vista

• Microsoft® Windows® 7

2. CD Drive
3. USB Port
4. Microphone & Head Phone Jack.

Maintenance Care and Storage
1. Do not use or store the camera in high humidity and/or extreme
high/low temperature.
2. Do not touch the lens with your fingers.
3. Do not drop the camera or get the camera wet.
4. Do not try to repair the camera.
5. To clean the camera, use a dry cloth. Do not use organic solvents, such as alcohol
etc. to clean the camera.
6. Store the camera in a dry and clean place.