Specialized Speedzone Sport CR2032 User Manual

Page 10

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right. Repeat this process until all five
digits are entered as your existing
mileage. (See figure 7)

4. Wheel Circumference Selection
To set the circumference for the type
of tires you are using, you can use
Specialized’s "Easy Calibration
Mode" or measure your actual tire
circumference by the rollout method.
Two different tire diameters may be
entered by using the computer’s
"Second Wheel Option."

Easy Calibration Mode
Your SpeedZone Sport has been
preprogrammed with the following
14 Specialized tire sizes:
26 X 1.0

26 X 2.2

26 X 1.25

650c X 20

26 X 1.5

700c X 20

26 X 1.9

700c X 23

26 X 1.95

700c X 26

26 X 2.0

700c X 32

26 X 2.1

700c X 38

When using Easy Calibration Mode,
the SpeedZone Sport will display the
tire size on its LCD display screen.
(See figure 8) The Easy Calibration
Mode is accessed by entering the
Speed (SPEED) mode and holding
down the "SET" button for three sec-
onds. The display will now show the