Specialized Speedzone Sport CR2032 User Manual

Page 8

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2. Miles or Kilometers selection

(English only)

Your SpeedZone Sport will record
distance and speed in either miles
(m & m/h) or kilometers (K & Km/h).
Please note that miles can only be
selected when the language setting is
English. All other languages display
only kilometers. (See "Setting the
Display Language" above). To enter
your selection of miles or kilometers,
push the "MODE" button until ODO
appears on the left side of the display
(This is called the odometer mode).

if your display says TRIP, press

the "SET" button once to change to
ODO. Next, hold down the "SET"
button for three seconds. The "Km"
or "m" indicator will begin blinking.
You may now alternate between miles

and kilometers by pressing the
"MODE" button. When the correct
choice is flashing, select it by pressing
the "SET" button. You will now enter
the "Programmable Odometer" mode.
If the odometer setting is correct
push the "SET" button five times to
exit odometer mode. (Otherwise,
see "Setting the Programmable
Odometer" below).

The Speed Indication Bezel will

indicate 0-45MPH on SpeedZone
Sport computers purchased in the
USA and the U.K. and 0-90 Km/h on
computers purchased in all other
countries. Cyclists in the USA and the
U.K. who would like to display their
speed and distance data in kilometers
will have to multiply the value of the
numbers on the face of the bezel by