Specialized Speedzone Sport CR2032 User Manual

Page 6

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your Specialized dealer. To install the
31.8mm diameter strap onto your
SpeedZone Comp, remove the two
Philips head screws from the bottom
of the computer and push out the
retaining pin with a small screwdriver
or a straightened paperclip. (See fig-
ure 6)
Use caution not to lose the pin
once you have removed it. Install the
other mounting strap and reinsert the
pin and screws. To test for proper
installation of the magnet, transmitter
and computer, activate the computer
by pushing the ‘MODE’ (right side)
button. Pick up the front of the bicycle
and spin the front wheel. The "wheel
option" indicator will flash. If it does
not flash, check the sensor and mag-
net alignment. Realign as necessary

until the "wheel option" indicator
flashes while spinning the wheel.

When your SpeedZone Sport has not
detected any speed input for 30 min-
utes, it will enter sleep-mode in order
to conserve battery power. During
sleep mode only the analog and digi-
tal clocks are displayed. The computer
will wake up as soon as wheel speed
is detected. Additionally, you can
wake it up by pushing the "MODE"
or "SET" button once. In order to
operate your computer it must be
placed in various "modes" (i.e.
odometer mode, distance mode). The
computer can be cycled through these