Specialized Speedzone Sport CR2032 User Manual

Page 9

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two. For example, if the Speed needle
is pointing to the 20 on the bezel,
your actual speed is 40Km/h.

3. Setting the Programmable


This mode is useful if you have
replaced the battery and would like to
retain the mileage you have already
ridden. To access the Programmable
odometer mode, first advance to the
Odometer Mode by pressing "MODE"
button until ODO appears on the left-
hand side of the screen. Note: if your
display says TRIP, press the "SET" but-
ton once to change to ODO. Hold
down the "SET" button for three sec-
onds (If you have selected English lan-
guage, the Km/h indicator will flash.
If the Km/h setting is correct press the

"SET" button once) and a five-digit
number will appear. You are now in
the programmable odometer mode.
To enter a mileage into the odometer,
press the "MODE" button until the
flashing digit is correct. (Note: The
"MODE" button may be held to scroll
to the correct digit.) Press the "SET"
button to select the next digit to the