Specialized Speedzone Comp CR2302 User Manual

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"FUNCTION" (left side) button and
‘tap’ the "MODE" button once. The
Km/h, m/h indicator will begin blink-
ing. You may now alternate between
miles and kilometers by pressing the
"MODE" button. When the correct
choice is flashing, select it by pressing
the "FUNCTION" button. You will now
enter the "Programmable Odometer"
mode. If the odometer setting is correct
push the "FUNCTION" button five
times to exit odometer mode.
(Otherwise, see "Setting the
Programmable Odometer" below).

2. Setting the Programmable


To access the programmable odometer
mode, first advance the "MODE" but-
ton until (ODO) appears on the left-
hand side of the screen. Then hold

down the "FUNCTION" button and
‘tap’ the "MODE" button once. (See
figure 4)
The Km/h indicator will flash.
If the Km/h setting is correct press the
"FUNCTION" button once and a five-
digit number will appear. You are now
in the programmable odometer mode.
This mode is useful if you have
replaced the battery and would like to
retain the mileage you have already


sizing straps provided to fit different
diameter bars. (See figure 3)

Slide the computer forward onto the

mounting until it ‘snaps’ into place with
an audible click. To remove the com-
puter, push it backward until it releases
from the mount. To test for proper
installation of the magnet, sensor and
computer, activate the computer by
picking up the front of the bicycle and
spinning the wheel. The "wheel option"
indicator will flash. If it does not flash,
check the sensor and magnet align-
ment. Realign as necessary until the
"wheel option" indicator flashes while
spinning the wheel.

Programming the functions of your
SpeedZone Comp requires it to be
placed in various "modes" (i.e.

odometer mode, distance mode). The
computer can be cycled through these
modes by pressing the "MODE" button
located on the right-hand side of the
housing. Once a specific mode has
been entered, its values can be reset
or adjusted by pressing either the
"FUNCTION" button located on the
left hand side of the housing or by
using a combination of the "MODE"
and "FUNCTION" buttons.

1. Miles or Kilometers selection
Your SpeedZone Comp will record
speed and distance in either miles
(M/h) or kilometers (Km/h). To enter
your selection of miles or kilometers,
push the "MODE" button until ODO
(odometer) appears in the lower left
side of the display (This is called the
odometer mode). Hold down the




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