Specialized Speedzone Comp CR2302 User Manual

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selected tire size for wheel option #1.
To scroll through the preprogrammed
tire sizes, tap both the "MODE" and
"FUNCTION" buttons simultaneously.
When you reach the desired tire size
press the "FUNCTION" button once to
select it and enter Easy Calibration
Mode for wheel option #2. Follow the
same procedure to program the wheel

#2 tire size and tap the "FUNCTION"
button to exit easy calibration mode.

Roll Out Method
The roll out method will provide the
most accurate computer calibration
and can take into account variables
such as inflation pressure, rim width
and rider weight.
1. Extend a tape measure out to

3000mm (120 inches) and lock
it in place.

2. With your tire inflated to its proper

pressure, place the valve at the 6:00
position (at the bottom) directly over
the start of the measuring tape.

3. Roll the wheel one complete revolu-

tion until the valve stem is again at
the 6:00 position. Read the tape
directly under the valve and note
the distance in millimeters. (To con-


ridden. To enter a mileage into the
odometer, press the "MODE" button
until the flashing digit is correct. (Note:
The "MODE" button may be held to
scroll to the correct digit.)
Press the
"FUNCTION" button to select the next
digit to the right. Repeat this process
until all five digits are entered as your
existing mileage.

3. Wheel Circumference Selection
To set the circumference for the type
of tires you are using, you can use
Specialized’s exclusive "Easy
Calibration Mode" or measure your
actual tire circumference by the rollout
method. Two different tire diameters
may be entered into the computer’s
"Second Wheel Option."

Easy Calibration Mode:
Your SpeedZone Comp has been
preprogrammed with the following
14 Specialized tire sizes:
26 X 1.0

26 X 2.2

26 X 1.25

650c X 20

26 X 1.5

700c X 20

26 X 1.95

700c X 23

26 X 1.9

700c X 26

26 X 2.0

700c X 32

26 X 2.1

700c X 38

When using Easy Calibration Mode,
the SpeedZone will display the tire size
on its LCD display screen. (See figure
The Easy Calibration Mode is
accessed by entering the odometer
(ODO) mode and holding down the
"FUNCTION" button for three seconds.
The display will now show the currently



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