Specialized Speedzone Comp CR2302 User Manual

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manually and records the time whether
the wheel is rotating or not. Tapping
the "FUNCTION" button starts and
stops the stopwatch and holding the
"FUNCTION" button for three seconds
will reset to stopwatch.

The average speed (AVS) will be

calculated differently based upon the
selection of ATM or TM. If ATM is
selected, the AVS is based upon only

riding time. If TM is selected the AVS is
based on the total time the stopwatch
is turned on or activated. (See figure 9)

To select between ATM and TM, first

press the "MODE" button until "ATM"
appears on the left-hand side of the
screen. Then press and hold the
"FUNCTION" and tap the "MODE"
button. Either ATM or TM will flash.
Press the "MODE" button to select
between the two modes and press
"FUNCTION" to return to normal
operating mode.

6. Interval Timer
Your Speedzone Comp is also
equipped with an Interval Timer. This
feature allows you to customize your
training by integrating a programma-
ble repeating countdown timer into
your workout. To enter the interval


Select between 12: or 24: mode by
pressing the "MODE" button. Press the
"FUNCTION" button to set the mode.

The hour digit will now begin flashing.

Press the "MODE" button to adjust the
hour digits and press the "FUNCTION"
button to set. The minutes will flash
and can be adjusted by pressing the
"MODE" button. (Hold the "MODE"
button to scroll through the digits
quickly) Press the "FUNCTION" button
to set the minutes and return to clock


The minute hand of the analog

clock has twelve segments and can only
display time in five-minute increments.
The hand will not jump to the next
segment until the digital clock reaches
whole five-minute intervals.
(e.g., 12:05, 12:10, 12:15, etc.)
(See figure 8)

5. Timer Selection
The timer can be selected for either
Automatic Timer Mode (ATM) or Timer
Mode (TM). The ATM selection allows
you to keep track of your actual riding
time. The timer only operates when the
wheel is rotating and cannot be turned
on or off manually.

The TM selection is just like a conven-

tional stopwatch. The timer is activated




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