Trouble-shooting guide – Sebo Airbelt K3 User Manual

Page 13

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Does not turn on

Bag full or clog light on
Bag full or clog light on
& machine shuts off

Does not pick up

Filter bag door won’t
fully close


1. Telescopic tube not inserted properly.

2. Not plugged into working outlet.

3. Cable worn.

4. K3: The power control slider

switch is set to “0” (“off” position).

1. Bag full.

2. Clog in hose, telescopic tube,

brush or head, or entrance to

filter bag.

3. Micro-hygiene filter dirty.

4. Exhaust filter dirty.

1. Hose/handle assembly not

correctly inserted.

2. The suction control dial is rotated

to no suction setting

3. Filter bag cover not closed.

1. Filter bag cover not fully closed.

2. Bag not inserted properly

3. Micro-hygiene filter not properly



1. See page 7.

2. Use another outlet.

3. Replace cable.

4. K3: Set slider switch to “on”

position. See page 9.

1. Replace filter bag. See page 11.

2. See Clog Removal on page 12.

K3 users with clog in power head

attachment: refer to clog removal

in the ET-H or ET-1 owner ’s


3. Replace micro-hygiene filter.

See page 11.

4. Replace exhaust filter. See page 11.

1. Reinsert hose/handle assembly

making sure that it is lined up

properly and is snapped into

place. See page 7.

2. K2: Rotate suction control

dial to yellow setting. See page 8.

3. See below.

1. Reinsert bag. Lock the cover

down firmly.

2. Reinsert bag. lock the cover

down firmly.

3. Remove the filter bag cover (26) and

make sure the micro-hygiene filter

housing is seated firmly in place

(see pg. 11, figure 18).

Always unplug vacuum from outlet before dismantling any part of the machine!


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