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Designed for All Floor Surfaces.

AIRBELT K3: Five Power Head Choices –
The AIRBELT K3 has an electrified telescop-
ic tube designed to accommodate any
choice from the following five power heads:
ET-1, ET-2, ET-H and DISCO. Each power
head has unique features and benefits, but
all power brushes are designed to provide
thorough brushing for optimal cleaning of
carpets. The DISCO power head enables the vacuum to polish
hard floors.

AIRBELT K3: Cleaning Dimensions – The ET-1 power head is
12-inches wide, with a cleaning with of 10



-inches, and the

ET-2 is 14



-inches wide, with a 13-inch cleaning width. The

ET-C power head is 14-inches wide, with a 12



-inch cleaning

width, and the ET-H is 11



-inches wide, with an 11




cleaning width. The DISCO is 13-inches wide, with an 11




polishing width.

Both Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning – With a power brush to
clean carpets and a parquet nozzle to clean hard floors, the
AIRBELT K3 provides all the flexibility needed to care for a vari-
ety of floor surfaces. The parquet nozzle comes standard. The
K3 vacuum can morph into a hard floor polisher, by adding a

High-quality Telescopic Tube and Hose – On the K3, the power
cord is built inside the telescopic tube and suction hose. This
eliminates unsightly external wires and enables unobstructed
and convenient handle height adjustment.

Variable Power Control on Handle – The
vacuum’s suction power can be adjusted
from 0 to 1,250 watts by a slider switch con-
veniently located on the handle.

Mid-sized Canister Vacuum – The SEBO
AIRBELT K3 and K2 are considered mid-
size canister vacuums, which means they are machines medi-
um in size that offer mid-sized, on-board attachments and a
mid-sized filter bag with a dirt capacity of .8 gallons. The K
machines also weigh four-pounds less than the C machines.

Three On-board Tools – The vacuum comes standard with a
crevice tool, dusting brush and upholstery nozzle. The dusting
brush is mounted on the telescopic tube, and the crevice and
upholstery nozzles are on the canister. Many optional acces-
sories are also available.

Brushless Cleaning Capability – The ET-1 or ET-2 power heads
can provide gentle, brushless cleaning of delicate rugs or hard
floors because the brush roller may be switched off, but suc-
tion will continue.

Four-level Manual Brush Height Adjustment – The brush
height can be adjusted up or down for optimum cleaning.

Quick-release Connections – The AIRBELT K models allow for
quick and convenient connection of telescopic tubes, power
brush heads, accessory cleaning heads and on-board tools.

Shock Absorber Provides Furniture and
Wall Protection – The “AIRBELT” bumper
that surrounds the K canisters acts as a
protective barrier. The soft foam bumper
with its durable covering protects furniture,
walls and the vacuum itself from damage
during use.

Personalized Vacuums – AIRBELT canister vacuums can be
personalized with a replacement AIRBELT bumper cover avail-
able in eight patterns and colors.

Powerful Vacuum Motors Provide Excellent Cleaning – The
canister suction motor is 1,250 watts, and the power head
motor is 175 watts (ET-1), for a total of 1,425 watts.

Comfortable Ergonomic Handle – The AIRBELT handles
are ergonomically designed and positioned to reduce wrist and
arm fatigue. For extra comfort, an additional swivel is built into
the handle-to-hose connection.

Rubber Coated Wheels and High Quality
Castors – The quality of the wheels and
castors on SEBO canisters prevent damage
to floors and rotate 360


for easy maneu-


Large Operating Range – A 31-foot operat-
ing range saves time because it minimizes the number of elec-
trical outlets needed during use.

AIRBELT K2: The SEBO AIRBELT K2 is a straight-suction vacu-
um. As a result, it differs from the AIRBELT K3 in the following
two ways:

Can Not Use a Power Brush – The AIRBELT K2 does not have
an electrified telescopic tube and hose; therefore, it does not
accommodate an electrified power brush. Instead, it comes
standard with a Turbo
Nozzle (an air-driven
brush head) for clean-
ing rugs and carpet. It
also comes standard
with a Parquet Nozzle
for cleaning hard floors.

Variable Power Control
on Canister Body – Because the AIRBELT K2 does not have an
electrified hose and handle, its variable
power control switch is located on the can-
ister body, not the handle.

K3 with DISCO

Crevice Nozzle

Dusting Brush

Upholstery Nozzle

Turbo Nozzle

Parquet Nozzle

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