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Starting The Machine - Figures 1, 2 & 3

Before turning on your canister, make sure that you have a firm hold on the handle grip to keep the
machine from moving forward.

1. With the canister main power control knob (9) in the OFF position, grasp the plug and pull the

power cord (6) out from the power cable recess (22). The power cord (6) should be unwound
from the cable reel at least two thirds of its length. Note: do not over-extend the cord.

2. Plug the polarized power cord into a 120 volt wall outlet located near the floor.

3. Press the main power control knob on the base of the canister (9) gently with your foot or

hand. The green light (10) will illuminate indicating that the power is on (K3 model only).

Operating the Machine - Figures 4, 5, 6 & 7

Adjust the telescopic tube (4) to the correct height by pushing the slide button (5) and gen-
tly pulling the tube out to lengthen, or pushing it in to shorten. Release the slide button
(5) to lock the tube to the adjusted height.

When changing heads, always switch the vacuum off with the power control knob (9), and
then unplug the power cord.

The “bag full or clog” light (#10, figure 2) works correctly only at full power. At lower power
levels, the “bag full or clog” light may illuminate incorrectly. Check the status of the filter
bag regularly at full power. If the light remains illuminated at full power, and the filter bag
is not full, check for clogs (see page 12).

To retract the cord, switch the vacuum off, unplug it from the outlet, then gently pull on
the cord near the plug recess (22) and the mechanism will automatically rewind. Before
rewinding the cable, always switch off and unplug the vacuum. Hold the plug while
rewinding the cord onto the cord reel. Avoid letting the plug whip while rewinding.


The quality, condition, coating, texture, age and manufacturing technique of all floor surfaces vary.

Therefore, vacuums with rotating brushes, including your SEBO, may damage some floor coverings or surfaces. Some types
of high-gloss hardwood floors, cushion vinyl, berber carpets, long shag, and delicate or hand-woven carpets are particularly vul-
nerable to damage by rotating brushes. When possible, consult the materials supplied by your flooring manufacturer for infor-
mation on proper upkeep and cleaning. To ensure that your new SEBO vacuum cleaner is compatible with your floor, please
test the vacuum cleaner on each type of flooring surface in a small inconspicuous area to determine if any damage occurs.
If damage occurs, stop using the vacuum cleaner immediately!


Figure 4

Suction Control - Figure 3

K2 users: the suction control dial is located on the top side of the canister on the power control knob
(9). Rotate the dial counter-clockwise for maximum suction. Rotate clockwise to reduce suction for
vacuuming curtains or delicate fabrics.

K3 users: for information on suction control, refer to page 9 of this manual.



Figure 1



Figure 2 - K3

Figure 3 - K2




Figure 7


Figure 6


Figure 5


The vacuum can be stored with the canister in a hori-
zontal or vertical position. The Parquet nozzle,
Combination nozzle and Turbo nozzle have a parking
tab located on the front of the neck (39). Insert the
parking tab into the upper side of the parking groove
and slide down firmly. For vertical storage, or for easy
carrying, use the parking slot on the underside (24). For
horizontal storage, use the parking slot on the end of
the canister (21).

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