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SEBO Vacuums Save Money! – SEBO vacuums are the highest
quality machines available. In fact, if properly maintained, SEBO
vacuums can save ordinary residential users hundreds of dol-
lars by providing excellent performance for ten to fifteen years
or more. Typical vacuums perform poorly and usually do not last
beyond two years. So, in the long run, SEBO vacuums cost less
money than the five to six other vacuums purchased during that
time period.

Outstanding Warranty Coverage – SEBO is con-
fident about the quality of all its vacuums.
Therefore, all models include a five-year war-
ranty on the motor and all non-wear parts and
a 1-year warranty on labor charges.

Brush Obstruction Light & Auto Shut Off – A
warning light will quickly flash, the brush
roller will immediately stop spinning and the
vacuum will shut off, if an obstruction
becomes jammed in the brush roller. The
user should turn the power switch off, unplug
the machine, and immediately remove the
obstruction. If the user restarts the machine
without removing the obstruction, the power head will again
shut off and the amber light will turn on. This prevents the belt
from breaking and protects the motor from damage.

Bag Full or Clog Light & Auto Shut Off – A
warning light will illuminate and the
machine will automatically shut off, when it
senses a full bag, a clog in the airflow path-
way, or an excessively dirty micro filter. If the
vacuum’s airflow pathway becomes restricted
due to a full bag or the existence of a clog, the
amber “BAG FULL OR CLOG” light (located on top of the canister
near the ON/OFF power control knob) will illuminate. If the user
ignores this warning, the suction motor will heat up due to the lack
of cooling provided by the airflow. Once the motor reaches a certain
temperature it will shut off to protect itself from damage. The user
should turn the switch off, unplug the machine and immediately
insert a new bag or remove the clog (to remove a clog, refer to the
Clog Removal section on page 12). After approximately 30 minutes,
the motor will have cooled and the vacuum can be restarted. If the
airflow is still restricted, the “BAG FULL OR CLOG” light will again
illuminate and the machine will shut off. This feature prevents
damage to the motor due to overheating.






Deterioration Light – To ensure optimum
cleaning at all times, a warning light will illu-
minate to indicate when the brush height is
set too high for effective cleaning, or when
the brush roller should be replaced due to
excessive wear.

Anti-allergy Hospital-grade, S-class Filtration –
An excellent choice for users with allergies or
asthma. Certified by leading Allergy foundations
in Europe, the AIRBELT K vacuums provide the
user with S-Class filtration of 99.9% of particles to
0.3 microns. This is accomplished by the SEBO three-step filtration
system. First, the three-layer full-size filter bag (a) collects the vast
majority of the debris. Then, the remainder of the particles are col-
lected by the hospital-grade microfilter (b). Finally, the micro-
exhaust filter (c) cleans the exhaust air that the vacuum emits. The

air belt disperses the filtered exhaust air around the canister
which provides quiet, gentle air flow. SEBO’s unwavering attention
to the complete sealing of the machine ensures no dirt escapes
around the microfilters.

Liberation from Bagless! SEBO Bags are
Hygienic – The three-layer filter bag is an
integral part of SEBO’s filtration system
because it effectively contains nearly all dirt
captured by the vacuum. And SEBO bags
can be sealed when full, so no dust can
escape into the air during disposal. In con-
trast, a lot of dust becomes airborne when emptying the dirt
containers of bagless vacuums, and their micro filters quickly
clog and must be replaced often, or a loss of suction will occur.
And bagless vacuum micro filters are expensive, usually cost-
ing much more than SEBO’s filter bags.

Micro Filters are Inexpensive and Easy to Change – Unlike
most other vacuums, SEBO’s replacement micro filters are
reasonably priced and can be easily changed in seconds, with-
out any tools. And the micro filters last a long time before
replacements are necessary because nearly all dust particles
and debris are first captured by the three-layer filter bags.

Remarkably Quiet Operation – A
SEBO vacuum is so quiet, it will
not scare pets, and the feature
will be appreciated by family

SEBO three-step filtration system




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