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• This unit supports security capabilities that

comply with the Bluetooth standard to provide
a secure connection when the Bluetooth
wireless technology is used, but security may
not be enough depending on the setting. Be
careful when communicating using Bluetooth
wireless technology.

• We do not take any responsibility for the

leakage of information during Bluetooth

• Connection with all Bluetooth devices cannot

be guaranteed.
– A device featuring Bluetooth function is

required to conform to the Bluetooth standard
specified by Bluetooth SIG, and be

– Even if the connected device conforms to the

above mentioned Bluetooth standard, some
devices may not be connected or work
correctly, depending on the features or
specifications of the device.

– While talking on the phone hands-free, noise

may occur, depending on the model of your
cellphone or communication environment.

• Depending on the device to be connected, it

may require some time to start communication.


• Using the Bluetooth device may not function

on cellphones, depending on radio wave
conditions and location where the equipment is
being used.

• If you experience discomfort after using the

Bluetooth device, stop using the Bluetooth
device immediately. Should any problem
persist, consult your nearest Sony dealer.

About “Memory Stick”

What is a “Memory Stick”?

“Memory Stick” is a compact-size IC recording
medium with a large capacity. It has been
designed not only for exchanging/sharing digital
data among “Memory Stick” compatible
products, but also for serving as an insertable/
removable external storage medium that can save

Types of “Memory Stick Duo” that
the system can use

With the system, you can use the following types
of “Memory Stick Duo.”*


• “Memory Stick Duo” (Not compatible with


• “MagicGate Memory Stick Duo”*


• “Memory Stick PRO Duo”*


*1 The system has been demonstrated as operable

with a “Memory Stick Duo” with a capacity of
16 GB or smaller. However, we do not guarantee
the operations of all the “Memory Stick Duo”

*2 “MagicGate Memory Stick Duo” and “Memory Stick

PRO Duo” are equipped with MagicGate functions.
MagicGate is copyright protection, using
encryption technology. Data with MagicGate
protection cannot be played with this unit.

This system does not support parallel high-speed

data transfer.

Standard-size “Memory Stick” cannot be used in this


When using a “Memory Stick Duo,” make sure to

check correct insertion direction. Wrong usage may
cause trouble with the system.

Do not insert “Memory Stick Micro” directly into

“Memory Stick PRO” compliant product without M2*
adapter supplied with the media (or sold separately).
If you attempt to insert it without attaching to the
* adapter, it may not be able to be removed.

Do not place the “Memory Stick Duo,” “Memory Stick

Micro,” or M2* adapter within the reach of children to
prevent them from swallowing it by accident.

Avoid removing the “Memory Stick Duo” from the

system while the system is reading or writing data.

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