Sony NV-U84 User Manual

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On handling

• Do not let foreign objects get inside the

connector of the unit, as it may cause

• When the unit is not in use, turn it off by sliding

?/1. Remove the unit from the cradle, then
disconnect the car battery adapter, otherwise
battery drain may result. Note the following:
If your car’s cigarette lighter socket is not
connected to ACC on your ignition switch,
power will continue to be supplied to the unit’s
built-in power supply even when the ignition is
off or the unit is not in use.

• Do not connect any accessory other than those

supplied or optional.

• Do not expose the unit to fire or water, as it

may cause malfunction.

• To disconnect a cable, pull it out by grasping

the plug, not the cable.

• Be sure to remove the unit out of the car when

leaving your car to prevent theft or high
temperature damage inside the car.

• If the cradle is left attached to the dashboard for

a long time, the suction cup may leave a mark
on the dashboard. Be sure to detach the cradle
from the dashboard when it is not being used.

• Detach and reattach the cradle regularly to

maintain the attachment strength of the suction

• Note that it may be difficult to detach the cradle

at low temperatures.

• Note that the built-in battery cannot be charged

outside the temperature range 5 – 45 ºC (41 –
113 ºF).

• Do not leave the unit in high ambient

temperature as the built-in battery capacity will
deteriorate, or will become unchargeable.

On the suction cup

Small bubbles may exist on the suction cup.
These bubbles, however, do not affect the suction
cup’s performance.


As GPS information is obtained from satellites, it
may be impossible or difficult to obtain
information in locations such as:
• Tunnel or underground
• Under a highway
• Between high buildings
• Between tall trees with dense foliage

GPS signal reception may be poor depending on the
material of the car’s windshield.

On the positioning system
(POSITION plus) (NV-U94T only)

The system has a function that allows the current
car position to be correctly displayed even at
locations where the GPS signal is temporarily
interrupted or poorly received, as when going
under an overpass. To activate this function, do
the following:
– Attach the unit to the cradle.
– Drive for a while in an area where the GPS

signal is clearly received.

The positioning system will become ready for
operation after you have driven a little with the
unit on.

The accuracy of this function may deteriorate if the

unit is installed near a heated or heat-reflecting

Depending on the conditions, the current car

position or the movement may not be accurately
displayed. This, however, will be corrected as soon
as the GPS signal reception resumes.

On the battery discharge mode
(NV-U94T/U84 only)

If the unit’s internal temperature becomes
excessive, it enters battery discharge mode and
automatically reduces the charge capacity to
protect the battery. In this case, the unit turns on
(display remains off), even while not in use.

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