Specialized Speedzone Pro Cyclocomputer User Manual

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What is included in you SpeedZone® Te a m
p a c k a g e :
1. SpeedZone® Team Computer (1)
2. Mounting bracket (2)
3. Magnet with screw (1)
4. Cable tie wraps (4)
5. Mounting bracket sizing straps (3)
6. Transmitter (1)
7. Transmitter mounting bracket (1)

Mounting the SpeedZone® Te a m :
The SpeedZone® Team Wi reless transmitter can
mount on the right or the left side of the fork blade.
The right side should be used on large frames or
when a suspension fork is installed. The optimal dis-
tance between the computer and the transmitter is 24
inches (610mm) The distance may need to be less that
24 inches (610mm) if ambient temperatures are
below 40 °F (4 °C). To reduce signal loss in colder
t e m p e r a t u res, the transmitter should be mounted as
close to the computer as possible. (maximum mount-
ing distance is 28 inches). Use the transmitter mount-
ing bracket and tie-wraps provided to position the sen-
s o r. Do not tighten the tie-wraps until final placement

of the magnet is correct. See figure 1.
Attach the magnet to a spoke across fro m
the transmitter with the magnet scre w. The
clearance between the magnet and the
transmitter should be approximately 1 / 3 2 ” -
1/16” (1-2mm). Tighten the magnet and
t r a n s m i t t e r. Do not over-tighten the magnet
s c rew See figure 2.
Attach the mount to the handlebar using the
bracket screw provided. Tighten so that the
bracket cannot rotate on the handlebar.
T h e re are several sizing straps provided to fit
d i ff e rent diameter bars See figure 3.

the computer forw a rd onto the mounting
until it ‘snaps’ into place with an audible
click. To remove the computer, push it back-
w a rd until it releases from the mount. To test
for proper installation of the magnet, trans-
mitter and computer, activate the computer
by pushing the ‘MODE’ (right side) button
and pick up the front of the bicycle and
spin the wheel. The “wheel option” indica-

tor will flash. If it does not flash, check the
sensor and magnet alignment. Realign as
n e c e s s a ry until the “wheel option” indicator
flashes while spinning the wheel.








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