Specialized Speedzone Pro Cyclocomputer User Manual

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Roll Out Method
The roll out method will provide the most
accurate computer calibration and can take
into account variables such as inflation pre s-
s u re, rim width and rider weight.
1. Extend a tape measure out to 3000mm
(120 inches) and lock it in place.
2. With your tire inflated to its proper pre s-
s u re, place the valve at the 6:00 position (at
the bottom) directly over the start of the mea-
suring tape.
3. Roll the wheel one complete revolution until
the valve stem is again at the 6:00 position.
Read the tape directly under the valve and
note the distance in millimeters. (To convert
inches to millimeters, multiply inches by 25.4).
Use this number to replace the default
(default values are 2054 for wheel one, and
2113 for wheel two) when pro g r a m m i n g

your computer.
You may also use
the following
q u i c k

re f e rence chart :

Generic Ti re Size Chart
This chart is for non-Specialized tire s
26 X 1.75

2 1 4 0

26 X 2.0

2 0 7 4

26 X 2.1

2 0 9 0

650C X 20

1 9 4 5

700C X 26

2 1 2 4

700C X 38

2 1 7 0

P rogramming in the circ u m f e re n c e :
To enter the tire circ u m f e rence number,
enter the odometer (ODO) mode by hold-
ing down the “FUNCTION” button for
t h ree seconds. The display will now show
the currently selected tire size for wheel
option #1. If necessary scroll through the
p re p rogrammed tire sizes by tapping both
the “MODE” and “FUNCTION” buttons
simultaneously until the display shows a
four digit number. This number re p re s e n t s
your tire circ u m f e rence in millimeters. Pre s s
the “MODE” button
until the flashing
digit is corre c t .
(Note: The “MODE”
button may be held

to scroll to the correct digit.) Press the
“FUNCTION” button to select the next digit
to the right. Repeat the process until all four
digits are entered as your tire circ u m f e r-
ence. Press the “FUNCTION” button once
to select it and enter the circ u m f e rence for
wheel option #2. Follow the same pro c e-
d u re to program the wheel #2 tire size
and tap the “FUNCTION” button to exit to
odometer mode.

4. Setting the Clock
Your SpeedZone® Team features two
clocks, one analog and one digital. The
hands of the analog clock will be set auto-
matically to correspond to the digital one.
To access the “clock mode” press and hold
the “MODE” button for three seconds. To
set the clock, press the “FUNCTION” but-
ton for three seconds. The display will flash
either twelve (12:) or twenty four (24:).
Select between 12: or 24: mode by pre s s-
ing the “MODE” button. Press the “FUNC-
TION” button to set the mode.

The hour digit will now begin flashing .
P ress the “MODE” button to adjust the hour
digits and press the “FUNCTION” button
to set. The minutes will flash and can be
adjusted by pressing the “MODE” button.
(hold the “MODE” button to scroll thro u g h
the digits quickly) Press the “FUNCTION”
button to set the minutes and re t u rn to clock
m o d e

N o t e : The minute-hand of the analog
clock has twelve segments and can only
display time in five minute increments. The
hand will not jump to the next segment
until the digital clock reaches whole five
minute intervals. (e.g. 12:05, 12:10,
12:15 etc.)

5. Ti m e r
S e l e c t i o n
The timer can be
selected for either
Automatic Ti m e r
Mode (ATM) or
Timer Mode (TM). The ATM selection

Roll Forw a rd

S t e m


C i rc u m f e re n c e