Specialized Speedzone Pro Cyclocomputer User Manual

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Odometer (ODO)- The odometer will
re c o rd the total distance traveled up to
99,999 miles or kilometers and then roll to
z e ro. The odometer can be reset by pre s s-
ing the “FUNC-
TION” button for
t h ree seconds.
The total distance
is shown on the
lower line of the
s c re e n .

P rogrammable Odometer- T h e
odometer digits are user setable. This is
convenient for transferring your hard - e a rn e d
mileage that is usually lost when changing
batteries or computers.

Clock- The SpeedZone® Team has two
clocks, one digital and one analog. The
digital clock is accessed by pressing the
“MODE” button for three seconds. There is
an option of either 12 hour or 24 hour
clock settings and is shown on the lower
line of the screen. The analog clock is

always displayed in the upper right side of
the screen. The minute-hand of the analog
clock has twelve segments and can only
display time in five minute increments. The
hand will not jump to the next segment until
the digital clock reaches whole five minute
i n t e rv a l s .

Second Wheel Mode- For riders who
own more than one bicycle or who fre-
quently change tires, the SpeedZone®
Team is capable of storing two tire sizes.
You can change between the two sized by
p ressing both the “MODE” and “FUNC-
TION” buttons simultaneously for three sec-
onds. The second wheel mode indicator
will change from 1 to 2. Mileage re c o rd e d
will be cumulative between the two sizes.
(an accessory handlebar mount is available
f rom your Specialized dealer)

Backlight- The backlight feature of your
SpeedZone® Team is activated by pre s s i n g
the “BACKLIGHT” button on the top of the
c o m p u t e r. When pressed the backlight will

remain on for 5 seconds. During this time
the current-speed display will be fro z e n ,
however the SpeedZone® Team will con-
tinue to monitor time and distance functions.

Triple Display LCD- The display scre e n
on your SpeedZone® Team can pro v i d e
t h ree pieces of information simultaneously:
C u rrent Speed (always displayed on the top
line of the screen), Current Time (on analog
clock),and your choice of one of the follow-
ing: Average Speed, Maximum Speed,
C u rrent Time (digital clock), Trip Distance or
O d o m e t e r.

Installing the Battery -
Your SpeedZone® Team Computer comes
with the battery installed at the factory.
Should you need to replace the battery,
push the computer backwards to remove it
f rom the handlebar mount. Before re m o v i n g
the battery make a note of your odometer
reading and wheel circ u m f e rence settings
so that you can re-enter them when you
re s t a rt the computer. Tu rn the computer over

so the display is facing downward. Use a
coin to unthread the battery cap from the
c o m p u t e r. Install the battery (model
CR2032) with the positive pole (+) facing
u p w a rd. Carefully thread the battery cap
back onto the case with a coin.
(See Figure 7)

If the LCD display is
blank or shows
incomplete digits, turn
the computer over
and press the “AC”
button on the bottom
of the case with the
tip of a pen or a paper clip. This will clear
all the data and re - s t a rt the computer.
Reinstall the computer by pushing it forw a rd
into the mount until it snaps into place.

The Transmitter battery can be replaced by
using a small coin to unthread the battery
cap from the transmitter, replacing the bat-
t e ry (model 23A) and carefully thre a d i n g
the battery cap back into place.

f i g . 7