Specialized Speedzone Pro Cyclocomputer User Manual

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allows you to keep track of your actual rid-

ing time. The timer
only operates w h e n
the wheel is ro t a t i n g
and cannot be
t u rned on or off man-
u a l l y.

The TM selection is just like a conventional
stopwatch. The timer is activated manually
and re c o rds the time whether the wheel is
rotating or not. Tapping the “FUNCTION”
button starts and stops the stopwatch and
holding the “FUNCTION” button for thre e
seconds will reset to stopwatch.
N o t e : The average speed (AVS) will be
calculated diff e rently based upon the selec-
tion of ATM or TM. If ATM is selected,
the AVS is based upon only riding time.
If TM is selected the AVS is based on the
total time the stopwatch is turned on or
To select between ATM and TM press and
hold the “FUNCTION” and tap the
“MODE” button. Either ATM or TM will
flash. Press the “MODE” button to select

between the two modes and press “FUNC-
TION” to re t u rn to normal operating mode.

Computer Functions

S p e e d o m e t e r- Speed is always indicated
on the top line of the screen. The speed is
shown continuously up to 99.9M/h (99.9
Km/h) with a resolution of 0.1 M/h (0.1
K m / h )

Average Speed (AVS)- The average
speed is displayed on the lower line of the
s c reen when AVS is shown on the left. The
average speed is based upon whether the
ATM or the TM mode has been selected,
the resolution of the average speed is
shown in 0.1M/h or Km/h incre m e n t s .

+/- Average Speed Indicator- An up
or down arro w
displayed in the
upper right side of
the screen shows
whether the cur-

rent speed is above or below the average
speed. The arrow is always displayed so
you know if you’re maintaining your aver-
age speed while in another mode.

M a x i m u m
Speed (MXS)-
The maximum is
displayed on the
lower line of the
s c reen when MXS is shown on the left. The
maximum speed is retained in memory and
updated when a higher speed is attained.
The maximum speed can be reset by pre s s-
ing the “FUNCTION” button for three sec-
o n d s .

A u t o
S t a rt / S t o p
Timer (AT M ) -
The stop watch
function will operate only when there is
speed input and re c o rds the actual time
spent riding. Pressing the “FUNCTION” key
for 3 seconds will reset the ATM display to
z e ro .

Timer Mode
( T M ) -
In TM mode
the stopwatch func-

tion will operate when the “FUNCTION”
button is pressed. The stopwatch will re c o rd
the total time after the button is pre s s e d
re g a rdless of whether there is speed input or
not. The average speed (AVS) will be calculat-
ed based on the time the timer mode is acti-
v a t e d .

Trip Distance (DST)- Trip distance mode
will re c o rd up to 999.99 miles or kilometers
and then roll to zero. The trip distance func-
tion can be re s e t
by pressing the
ton for three sec-
onds. The re s o l u-
tion is 0.01 miles
(0.01Kilometers). The trip distance is shown
on the lower line of the scre e n .