Grounding the coaxial cable, Troubleshooting, If you cannot change channels, try the following – Shaw SAC-00-094 User Manual

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Step 7: While listening to the meter, apply gentle pressure to the top
of the dish to move the dish – first slightly downward, then upward
to see if you can increase the signal strength further. Carefully
adjust the elevation until you’ve maximized the signal. Tighten the
Elevation Adjustment Bolts.

Step 8: Follow the steps described in Fine Tuning (Section 8) to
obtain the highest reading possible on the signal strength meter.

Step 9: The dish should now be peaked to its maximum. Remove
the Satellite Finder and plug the LNB directly into the receiver.
Confirm the signal strength by checking the on-screen signal
strength meter, as described in the previous section.

YoUr SYStem iS noW Fine tUned.

10. GroUndinG the coaxiaL caBLe

The Shaw Direct dish kit includes the following items to ground the
outdoor coaxial cable:

coax cable connector Grounding Block

Grounding Wire

Grounding clamp

Outdoor coaxial cable that may be subject to static discharge
or contact with electrical wiring must be grounded through a
grounding block located as close as possible to the cable entry
point (see Figure L).

run the Grounding Wire for the coaxial cable from the Grounding Block
connector to a cold water pipe nearest the cable entry point.

Wrap the copper grounding strap around the cold water pipe. tighten the
strap using a bolt and secure the ground wire under the binding post nut,
as illustrated below.

important: For more information on grounding, refer to the receiver’s
User Guide included with your Shaw direct system.

FiGUre L

Grounding Block

Ground block (shown with

2 coax cable feeds and ground

wire secured to binding post)

11. troUBLeShootinG

iF YoU are havinG troUBLe FindinG the SateLLite

SiGnaL, trY each oF the FoLLoWinG:

the cable can be plugged into any of the 4 available ports on the quad LnB,
but must be plugged into the Sat in port on the Shaw direct receiver.

make sure all cables are secure and re-verify your azimuth, elevation and skew
setting for your location. the settings straight section must be plumb.

adjust the elevation by +1 degree from the settings you recorder earlier
and repeat the steps in Section 7 to acquire Shaw direct signal.

adjust the elevation by –1 degree from your original settings you recorded
earlier and repeat the steps in Section 7 to acquire Shaw direct signal.

ensure cables are connected properly at the grounding block.

iF YoU cannot chanGe channeLS, trY the FoLLoWinG:

Unplug the receiver, wait 30 seconds and plug it back in. turn on the
receiver and try selecting channel 299 with your remote (advanced

if you have a legacy receiver and cannot access channel 299,

try 284.

If you still can’t select or acquire signal on 284 or 299, call us at
1.888.554.7827 for further assistance.