Getting started, Hardware – Shaw SAC-00-094 User Manual

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1. GettinG Started

This Shaw Direct Installation Manual provides all of the
information required to setup your satellite system. The manual
provides step-by-step instructions, however skills in construction,
wiring and assembly will also be required to successfully complete
the installation.

important: We do not recommend installing the satellite dish on your roof,
unless absolutely necessary. if you choose to mount the dish on the roof,
we strongly recommend consulting a building or construction expert
before installation.

important: read this manual thoroughly before you start.

WarninG: all satellite dish systems must be properly grounded, particularly
if the dish is close to or above the roof line. improper grounding can result in
damage or serious personal injury. national, provincial and local electrical
codes may require you to ground the dish directly and to insert a grounding
block in the coaxial cables running from the dish to the receiver inside the
building. Before beginning installation, carefully read the section on grounding
the dish (see section 10).

This installation requires you to:

Use hand tools such as a drill

determine whether water pipes, electrical wiring or gas lines
are close to the installation area

route coaxial cable through walls and under floors

Use a compass, protractor and carpenter’s level

Use a ladder to climb structures

Know your local, provincial and national grounding codes

If you do not have the experience to perform these tasks,

ShaW direct for assistance.

You will need the following tools:

#1 philips screwdriver

7/16 hex wrench, open or combination end

electric drill and bits

carpenter’s level



If you are installing a 75 cm dish, you will also require:

2 - 13 mm wrenches (one to hold and one to tighten)

a wind brace support is recommended for high wind areas

note: You must use the mast that came with the dish.

Your Shaw Direct Dish Kit contains the following components:

Shaw direct 60 cm elliptical dish with dual satellite hardware
(see images for complete inventory).







clamp mount


satellite feed

support arm




60 cm elliptical dish

quad lnb

1/4˝x 1-1/2˝ Long Hex Head Bolt

(Feed Support Arm Mounting)

1 Supplied

1/4˝ External Tooth Washer

2 Supplied

Hex Head Hi/Lo Screw

2 Supplied

1/4˝ Flat Washer

3 Supplied

Spacer Sleeve

(Feed Support Arm Mounting)

1 Supplied

1/4˝ x 1/2˝ Carriage Head Bolt

(Mast Adjusting Bolts)

2 Supplied

1/4˝ Whiz Nut

(Hex Head)

5 Supplied

1/4˝ x 1-3/4˝ Long Carriage Head Bolt

(Antenna Mounting Bolt - Painted Head)

2 Supplied