Connecting receiver and dish – Shaw SAC-00-094 User Manual

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Step 7: Using your compass, point the LNB in the direction
corresponding to the SAT B azimuth setting (see Figure J).
Draw a vertical mark overlapping the Clamp Mount Assembly and
the mast. This mark will provide you with the approximate satellite
location reference point when you are ready to tune to the satellite.

Step 8: Loosen the Skew Adjustment Bolts on either side of the Clamp
Mount Assembly. Adjust the Skew Alignment Mark with the scale
indicator to the SAT B skew setting you recorded earlier. Finally, lock
it in place by securely tightening the Skew Adjustment Bolts.

important: do not make any further adjustments to the Skew Setting from this
point onward.

Step 9: After making the permanent skew adjustment, install the (2)
Hex Head Hi/Lo Screws in the dish boss holes (see Figure C). Four
boss holes are available but you’ll only need to use two (the other
two may be obstructed depending on the skew setting). Do not over
tighten Hi/Lo Screws.

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You are now at the point in the installation where one of the output
ports of the QUAD LNB needs to be connected to the Shaw Direct
satellite receiver. Connect the receiver to a TV to see a relative
scaled signal level meter that will assist you in obtaining maximum
signal strength. If you are unsure of how to connect the TV to the
receiver, refer to the User Guide that came with your receiver.

Step 1: Connect the RG-6 coaxial cable provided with the install kit
to one of the ports of the QUAD LNB. Connect the other end of the
coaxial cable to the satellite receiver input connector. To make the
dish alignment easier, we suggest you temporarily locate the receiver
and TV at an electrical outlet close to where the dish is installed.
Unless you can view the signal level on the TV screen from where
the dish is being aligned, you will require an assistant to monitor the
signal level reading on the TV as you align the dish.

Step 2: When the receiver is first powered up, it should be tuned to
channel 299. If you are using a legacy receiver and cannot tune to
channel 299, go to channel 284 instead.

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If you are working with an
non-activated legacy receiver,
you should see the following
displayed on the TV when
you first turn the receiver on.
Using the remote, tune receiver
to channel 284 to align the
dish. If the receiver has been
activated before, tune to channel
299 (not 284).

For new or non-activated
Advanced receivers, you
should see the following
displayed on your TV when you
first turn the receiver on. Tune
to channel 299 if the receiver
is not already there.

Step 3: Access the Installation Settings menu. To access this menu
on legacy model receivers:

1. Using the remote, press options
2. press 6: System Setup
3. press 3: installation settings
4. press 1: tune in Satellite Signal

Position the yellow cursor
on the Provider ID (using
navigator keys on the remote
control) and enter 4128
on the keypad.

Installer Menu for legacy model receivers.

Advanced receivers.

Non-activated legacy receivers.