Shaw SAC-00-094 User Manual

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Your ultimate television experience is here! Simply follow the steps
outlined in this manual to install your system and you’ll be enjoying
amazing 100% digital satellite TV in no time. Before you begin,
we’d like to better acquaint you with Shaw Direct.

With over 490 channels and growing, including your favourites
in HD, Shaw Direct provides flexible programming options to suit
every customer. We also provide 24/7/365 award-winning customer
support for any of your questions. Our 100% Canadian service team
is happy to help you at one of our three call centres in Calgary,
Mississauga and Montreal.

Here are a few of the great things you'll enjoy as a
Shaw Direct customer:

taKe a vacation From YoUr BiLL

When you go on holidays so can your bill, with our seasonal
disconnect program.

UniQUe eLLipticaL diSh

Get the power of two satellites in one, plus great reception,
rain or shine.

extenSive Free previeWS

Over 30,000 hours of previews per year so you can sample before
you buy.

SimpLe SateLLite™ WarrantY

A lifetime warranty on external equipment.

no LonG-term contractS

You don’t have to worry about a big commitment.

We also offer accessories to enhance your experience, like:

ShaW direct’S WireLeSS eaSY jacK

Turn any electrical outlet into a phone jack, and connect your
receiver to order Pay Per View movies and events, right from
your remote!

Here’s why it’s handy:

caller id/call Waiting compatible

Built-in surge protection

eliminates the cost and challenge
of hard-wiring a new phone jack

also works with other devices
such as computers, phones and faxes

If you want to hear about customer offers and promotions, sign-up
for our free email news at And tune into

channel 299 where you’ll also find technical tips and movie
and sports highlights.

Welcome to the Shaw Direct family!

Your simple guide

to simple installation.

Your simple guide

to simple installation.