Convenience features, Appointment reminder/alarm clock, Answering the door phone – Sharp DS 24D User Manual

Page 15: Do not disturb, One time dnd, Mute, Background music

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This feature works like an alarm clock. Use it to remind yourself of an ap-
pointment later in the day (TODAY ONLY) or as a daily reminder every day
(DAILY). You can set up to three alarms. Each one can be either a TODAY
ONLY or a DAILY alarm.

When the alarm rings, you will hear three short rings repeated three times.
Lift the handset to answer the alarm. If you do not, the alarm will alert you
two more times at five minute intervals.

To set alarms:

Press TRANSFER and then dial 112.

Dial the alarm number 1 or 2.

Dial the time at which you want the alarm to sound. Enter the time as
HHMM (hours and minutes) using the 24 hour clock.

Dial 0 (NOT SET), 1 (TODAY ONLY) or 2 (DAILY) to select the alarm type.

Press TRANSFER to save.

Repeat for each alarm if needed.

To cancel individual alarms:

Press TRANSFER and then dial 112.

Dial alarm number 1, or 2.

Press the HOLD key.

NOTE: Display keysets can show a reminder message.

See Alarm Remind-

er Messages under Display Features.


When you are programmed to receive calls from a door phone:

You will receive three short rings repeated.

Lift the handset or press the SPEAKER key. You are connected to the
door phone.

If an electric door lock release is installed, dial 13 to unlock the door.




Use this feature when you want to block calls to your keyset.

While on-hook, press the DND key or dial 401. The DND key lights
steady red to remind you of this mode.

To cancel DND, press the DND key again or dial 400. The DND light
turns off. You can make calls while in the DND mode.


If the Hot Keypad feature has been turned off, you must first lift the hand-
set or press the SPEAKER key.


If you place your keyset in DND mode and you do not have a DND key,
your KEYSET STATUS INDICATOR will flash to indicate DND status.


If you are on a call and you do not wish to be interrupted while on that call,
you can press the DND key and place your station in Do Not Disturb. When
you hang up at the end of the call, DND will be automatically canceled and
your keyset will be able to receive new calls. This feature requires a DND


You can mute the handset transmitter or the microphone during any conver-

Press the MUTE key. It will light red.

To resume speaking, press the MUTE button again. The light turns off.


When a music source is supplied, you may listen to music through the
speaker in your keyset:

While on-hook, press the HOLD button to hear music.

Press the HOLD button again to turn music off.

You can set the level of background music by using the VOLUME keys while
listening to the music. This does not affect the speakerphone level.