Ohva block, Ohva reject – Sharp DS 24D User Manual

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Dial 53 plus the group number plus 0 to exit the group or 1 to enter the
group. Repeat as necessary.

NOTE: If the Hot Keypad feature has been turned off, you must first lift the
handset or press SPEAKER key.

The IN/OUT key can include an extender to indicate the specific group that
this key will affect. This means that if you are in multiple groups, you can de-
cide for which groups you will receive calls.


To make an off-hook voice announcement:

Dial the extension number or press the DSS key.

When you receive a busy signal, press the OHVA key.

After the attention tone, begin speaking.

Finish the call by replacing the handset or pressing the SPEAKER key.


When you are voice announcing to a station close to you, use the hand-
set to avoid an echo effect.


You cannot off-hook voice announce to single line telephones.

When you receive an off-hook voice announcement, if you are using the
handset, you will hear the announcement in the handset receiver. If you are
using the speakerphone, you will hear the announcement over the keyset
speaker. In both cases, you can continue to speak to the original party.

Press the flashing CALL button on your keyset. This will place the orig-
inal party on hold and allow you to talk to the announcing party.

To return to your first party, press the key corresponding to your original
call. This will disconnect the OHVA call.


Your keyset can be programmed with an OHVA Block (BLOCK) key. Press-
ing this key will prevent anyone from making an OHVA to you until you press
the button again and cancel the blocking.


Your keyset can be programmed with an OHVA Reject (REJECT) key.
Pressing this key while receiving an OHVA call will disconnect the voice an-
nouncing party and return you to your original call.


If your keyset is assigned to a station ring group, you can remove your key-
set from the group and then put it back in. While you are out of the group,
you can receive calls to your extension number but not calls to the group
number. If you have an IN/OUT key:

Press the IN/OUT key. It will light red when your keyset is in the group.

Press the IN/OUT key again to exit the group and turn the light off. Re-
peat as necessary.

If you do not have an IN/OUT key: