Keiser 1031 User Manual

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Solenoid Valve Replacement for 1030/1031 Compressor


KEISER CORPORATION has always taken pride in designing and engineering the
highest quality equipment on the market. This means that you will receive years of low
maintenance and minimal repairs from every one of our machines. Only the highest
quality products have the KEISER name on them.


We've put a number of safety cautions in this book. We use the word Caution! to tell you
about things that could cause bodily injury to persons on or around the equipment if you
were to ignore the following instructions and the word Warning! to ensure the proper
installation of components and that the instructions are followed for the safety of the
users and for maximum machine life or the warranty is void.
We use the word Note! in this book to tell you about things that we recommend you
doing or things to be aware of before performing the instructions. These notes were
placed in the manual to aid you during a certain procedure.


Failure to follow the assembly or operation instructions as provided by this

manual or any other instructions pertaining to the assembly and/or

operation of KEISER equipment will result in voiding the warranty and

could lead to serious injury.

Tools Required:

½ inch open-ended wrench
needle nose pliers
wire cutter

standard size Phillips screwdriver

These items have been provided: 8 zip ties

2 Allenair® valves

1 single to double adapter

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