Add favorite locations, Favorite options, Finding a location with navigation – LG LN730Series User Manual

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Finding a location with navigation

You can disable the alerts for all groups by selecting
the 1st Alert setting to Off.

You can disable the alerts for a particular group by
clearing the checkbox next to the selected group.
Activate that disabled alert by selecting the checkbox
next to the group.

Favorite Alert settings affect all Favorites group.
The 2nd Alert must be set to go off at closer distance
than the 1st Alert.
Alerts can be set for a group but not for individual
locations. Of course, you can always create a group
that has just one location.

Add Favorite Locations

Tap My Favorites or any selected group that you
have created to display its locations.
You can save a location to your Favorites group from
the Address, Recent Locations, or POI (Point Of
Interest) screens. For more information, see "Add to
My Places" on the page 38.

Favorite Options

From this screen, you can tap the “Options” button to
display the following commands.

Lets you see the map with the selected favorite
destination for you to review before creating a route.

Lets you change the name, comment, or group
location for the selected location.

Tap the button to remove the selected location.