Installing maps, Using software – LG LN730Series User Manual

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Using software

Installing Maps

1. From the Desktop Maps pane, select a map.

2. From the “Target” context box, select a target

option, such as Storage Card or Main Memory.

3. When you select a Target option (Storage Card,

Main Memory) the “PC Portal” displays the
following information:

• Required: The amount of free space necessary to

install the map on the selected Target option.

• Available: The amount of free space available for

the selected Target option.
Note: If the free space required is equal or greater
than the free space available, “PC Portal” will not
install the selected map.

4. Click the “Add/Remove” button.

5. The selected map is installed and displayed in the

Device Maps pane.

• Click the “Refresh Targets” button to update the

target options.

• Click the “Restore Default” button to display the

original options.