LG LN730Series User Manual

Page 9

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Safety note

Always operate the vehicle in a safe manner. Do not become
distracted by the navigation while driving, and always be fully aware
of all driving conditions.
Minimize the amount of time spent viewing the navigation screen
while driving and use voice prompts when possible.
Do not enter destinations, change settings, or access any functions
requiring prolonged use of the unit’s controls while driving.
Pull over in a safe and legal manner before attempting such

Do not kink or crease the power cable or place heavy objects on the
power cable.
Fire can result from damaged power cables.

Unplug the AC adapter during electrical storms. This may result in
electrical shock.

Do not handle the power plug nor the adapter with wet hands.
This may result in electrical shock.

Immediately power off the unit and unplug the AC adapter if you
notice smoke or odors coming from the player or adapter.
Fire can result from improper use.

Make sure to insert the power plug tightly.
Fire can result from improper use.

Use only the specified power adapter.
Using a different type of adapter may damage the product.
(DC 5 - 5.4V)

The appliance is not intended for use by children or infirm persons
without supervision.