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Finding a location with navigation


Many categories have subcategories to provide for
an even greater list of choices. For example, "Petrol
Station" may have many subcategories each that
representing a particular brand name.
The same is also true for "Hotels". "Restaurants"
have subcategories that represent different types of
food, such as American, Italian, and French.

Search Near a Location

You can tap the “Near” button to determine the
location area, where you want to search for a specific
place, such as a gas station, hotel, or restaurant.

Lets you search near your current location.
This is the default value.

Lets you search near a specified destination.
For example, you know your general destination, but
not very much about interesting locations in the area.
You can use the Navigator to locate the tourist
attractions most appealing to yourself, family, or
Note that this button is enabled only when a
destination is entered.

Lets you search near another address.
For example, you have set a destination, but on the
way you want to stop at another location.
You can use this feature to search near that location
for restaurants, lodging, historical sites, or anything
you want.