LG -TM520 User Manual

Page 10

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SIO Config ([Menu]+ [3]+[7])
If you want to use HSPD mode, you should set the baud rate as 230,400 bps in the menu 2 (Data
Baud menu).


U1 U2 -- : When using UART 1 and UART2 simultaneously
U1 -- HFK : When using UART 1 only for normal case

2. Data Baud (Data Baud Set)

AUTOBAUD : Default Data Baud Rate (ipr = 0)
9,600/19,200/38,400/57,600/115,200/230,400 : Optional Data Baud Rate

3. Diag Baud (Diag Baud Set)

38,400 : Default Diag Baud Rate
115,200 : Optional Diag Baud Rate

System ([Menu]+ [4])

System Select ([Menu]+ [4]+[1])
Choose setting to control which cellular company your phone uses. Leave this setting as default
unless you want to alter the system selection. (As instructed by your service provider.)

l Home is B (Automatic_B, Home only, Automatic_A) is displayed.

Set NAM ([Menu]+ [4]+[2])
Select the phone’ s NAM (Number Assignment Module) if the phone is registered with multiple
service provides.

Auto NAM ([Menu]+ [4]+[3])
Allows the phone to automatically switch to one of the programmed Telephone No. if it is operating
in the corresponding service provider area.

Force Call ([Menu]+ [4]+[4])