Chapter 4. book features – LG -TM520 User Manual

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[CLR] to start this feature. On auto mode, this feature will be available upon opening the cellcase.
On Disable mode, Voice dialing is disabled when you press [CLR], Disabled message will be
displayed on the screen.

Chapter 4. Book Features

Call History ([PIM]+ [1])

Allows you to view the 30 most recently dialed phone numbers. Once you exceed the 30-number
storage limit, the oldest call history record is overwritten. These calls are divided into 3 types of

Outgoing ([PIM]+ [1]+[1])
Allows you to view list of all outgoing calls you made and you may place a call by pressing the

Incoming ([PIM]+ [1]+[2])
Allows you to view list of all incoming calls and you